Six Fanarts Challenge - Part 1

May 10, 2020

My May art vacation continues with May Sketch A Day and the Six Fanarts Challenge!  I reserved the first 3 slots for my own personal picks, while the next 3 are going to be picked from the suggestions given on social media.

I've been enjoying taking a break to curl up with the iPad Pro, chill out with some of my fave movies, and paint some portraits for fun!  It's nice to know after years of working in a line-heavy traditional style that I can still paint digitally with strong lighting and painterly edges.

Portrait 1 - Aaravos from Netflix's The Dragon Prince

I've been in love with this character's design from the first moment he showed up in The Dragon Prince!  With starts twinkling in purple skin, he's just gorgeous and his mysterious agenda in Dragon Prince intrigues me even more.  I highly recommend this show for the wonderful writing (from the head writer of Avatar the Last Airbender) and cool characters.

I used Photoshop for iPad for this piece, but eventually switched to Procreate for its ease of navigation and time lapse recording.

Portrait 2 - Deathface Ginny from Pretty Deadly

If you've been wronged, sing the song of vengeance. Deathface Ginny will ride on the wind to answer the call!

Meet Deathface Ginny from the graphic novel Pretty Deadly, a wonderful surreal fusion of mythology and the Wild West featuring this gal, the Reaper of Vengeance. I highly recommend this hidden gem of a comic if you like strange and beautiful things!

This is my first finished piece in Procreate and I was impressed with the results!  Painting this image allowed me to familiarize myself with Procreate's highly streamlined UI.  It too me way too long to figure out how to switch the Layer blending mode!

Watch a time lapse here!

Portrait 3 - Dabi from My Hero Academia

I’ve been wanting to draw this man ever since he showed up! His look is so creepy and unique and I've always found subdued color palettes with bright accents to be visually stunning.

This portrait helped teach me how to use the selection and color fill features.  I also learned that the Flame brush in the Elements brush set works really well for fire affects!

 Watch a time lapse here

Next up, I'll be trying my hand at the crowd picks of Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, 2B from Nier Automata, and Alucard from Castlevania!

If you could see a fandom character in my style, who would it be?  Maybe I'll take on this challenge again sometime!

Next post, I'll be sharing a Patreon Reward of a wallpaper set of the Ink & Gold Goddesses of Spring then sharing the rest of these portraits when I can (hopefully) finish them over the course of the week.

 ♥  Ang

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