Hello masters,

Two posts today, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to welcome Stephanie who is the 60th patron of the page, joining in on the embodied enlightenment experience discussion. 

If you are new or have not read it, many patrons introduced themselves on this post: 


On here we have about 75% shaumbra or previous shaumbra - some in Keahak and some not. We have several from other groups and the founders of the Master Hub on Facebook. Others entirely unaffiliated with any group or multiple groups. All opinions and viewpoints welcome.

A reminder to new and veteran, I always take requests. This is a free space to share your experiences, creations, whatever. We tend to not give advice but simply share on any and every topic. Whatever feels expansive. 

If you are new, you have access to all posts. Login on Patreon, click on posts, and scroll back to the beginning - the 30 days of Self-Love kicked it off. Or you can wait for your e-book delivery in your inbox come November.

I want to say thank you to you all. If there is anything missing, let me know, and I will create a post forum for it. I appreciate you all in your unique being-ness. 

With gratitude,

Lauren, Sar'h & Master M