Size differences
Part of the fun of designing a game based in a fantasy world is the choice of screwing around with size. In staging this game as a visual novel, however, some interesting problems have come up.

A visual novel with all human characters is likely to have the advantage of all its characters being of similar height, meaning that if several appear on screen at once they take up a similar amount of space.

For Death of Magic, however, it's not so simple. While elves and orcs are generally on a familiar human scale of 5'5" to 6'0", (although of course real humans vary far more than this) the average goblin is more like 4'6". Given that there are several races that tend larger than humans, such as centaurs or minotaurs, arranging people on screen at the same time has been interesting.

For a visual reference, here are the shortest and tallest character sprites in the demo - Arzin the goblin, and a stone automaton.

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