Finallyyyy a new headshot! Gosh I'm so late with these... the exam screwed my whole schedule over XD

Anyway, this was requested by Cpat! It's none other than the great hero Sizir from my Azarian Stories! In Azarian mythology, Sizir is the legendary warrior who defeated the humans and initiated society as Azaras know it.

Sizir is described as being a direct ancestor to the three main Azarian ethnicities - Izaran, Zercutan and Tatharan. Specifically, he is said to carry the Izarans' typical colourpoint pelt, the Zercutans' athletic physiology, and the Tatharans' calm temperament.

Despite what books say, Sizir was definitely not fond of almost wiping an entire species from planet Earth.

In this scene, he has just returned from a bloody battle with the few remaining humans. His sorrow is very evident here!

I hope you enjoy, and once again, thanks a ton for the support! <3

Character and art (c) Maura "Panthera Arven" Pompili

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