SkatePal and Beyond!

This summer I'm spending 2 months in Asira, Palestine, as a volunteer for SkatePal. I'll be coaching skateboarding to local youth and generally encouraging more young people to get involved and give it a go.

Money raised in this fund will be used to support me while I'm not earning and allow me to keep creating content and coaching young people skateboarding. I don't need much, and I can happily live off falafel and water but I do need all the help I can get!

If all goes well in Palestine, the plan is to keep moving to new places and coaching skateboarding; Afghanistan, Iraq, Columbia the possibilities are endless.


When I'm on a skateboard, it feels as though nothing else matters. All of life's stresses and worries disappear while I roll around or try to land something new. The feeling of mastering a new trick, or conquering my fears is indescribable - it can make you feel invincible. The mutual support and the sense of community in the skatepark is so strong, I've made some incredible friends since I picked up a skateboard.

So, I want to help spread the joy, friendship, and freedom that skating gives me to the young people in Asira, who need that feeling the most. Another side of my mission is to promote women's skateboarding globally and use skateboarding to breakdown gender barriers.


I'm starting in Palestine because more than half of all Palestinians living in the occupied territories are under 21 years old. Yet for many young people across the West Bank and Gaza, cultural, educational and sporting opportunities are severely limited. Help me support the fast-growing skateboarding community in Palestine.