Skele Guy Extreme!

I'm rewarding myself with some crunchy M&Ms because I did such a great job with this skele guy.

So this is the third creature that I've made for this Creature Feature project (Yes! It's officially called that now. Don't be surprised if it's a yearly thing or something). There's something I've discerned though; I think each creature is going to look arguably better than the previous ones because I don't think there's ever been a picture that I've finished and NOT learned something new.  It's not a problem though as they should still look similar to each other. Nothing wrong with learning new things :)

This guy was inspired by my favorite artist, Yoshitaka Amano. Known for creating the artwork for Final Fantasy back in the day. He's literally the reason I became interested in drawing. Here's his skele guy:

I think I did a pretty decent adaptation! Of course, I made it my own though :)