The Skeletons - A One-Shot RPG Adventure
Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since our last adventure and we wanted to give you all something to make up for it. 

We just wanted to post this one-shot of a game from Bully Pulpit Games called "The Skeletons." It puts us all in the role of being cursed skeletons doomed to protect an ancient sarcophagus. Over time we learn about ourselves and each other. It's a very introspective game, even though we maybe tweaked that a little bit.

We had a ton of fun playing this so we hope you all enjoy it. Since it's been so long we're just posting this without charging Patrons as well. 

We'll be back with more HoA adventures as soon as we can and there are some big changes coming so be ready. Until then... watch The Skeletons. And be ready for Shane the Brain Fontaine.