The Cinnar Shipyard Mk 38B escort gunship is a popular close escort  vessel with merchant fleets operating large, ungainly bulk freighters in  the less civilized regions of the Iyari Imperial frontiers. They are  also a prime target for theft by various unsavory elements operating in  the lawless regions typically regarded as beyond the reach of the  Imperial Navy. This particular ship was stolen from the Nogar 3  spaceport nearly 5 years ago and has been operating as muscle for a drug  smuggling operation in the Chay Drift ever since.

While making its way to a rendevous with a smuggler near the 3rd moon of  Dovar IX, the criminal vessel has come under attack from a Admiral Zeig  C. Wolf class stealth assault destroyer set in an ambush position by  Grand Admiral Hojain J'dar. Nearly blinded by the assault destroyer's  jamming systems, it is firing it's dual pulse blaster turrets in a  random pattern, hoping to score hits on the enemy its crew can't see.  It's already obvious that it won't have time to identify its assailant,  let along bring its heavier armament, 12 missiles and 4 torpedoes, to  bear.


A sketchy sketch from the selection of sketches I'm cleaning up for Patreon. I'll be uploading one or two of these a week for Patrons. This class of ship may be making an appearance in both the Freedom's Promise and Sassy Cat tales, among others.