Sketch and Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!
What's up?! I'm hoping you're having an awesome day, whether you're celebrating independence day or just hanging out (I for one, was at work all day). Here's a lil' digital sketch as I try to design this trading company. Why you ask? Read on!

I realized that I've spent my life doing things the way I'm supposed to. Awful right? I'm a horrible person, I know. BUT this meant that I was approaching my career the way everyone said I should. Which doesn't match my personality at all!

The big news: Tales of Elgon, the big comic that runs on my site every Thursday? Toast. I was going to end at the end of the volume, but as soon as the pages run out (we have till October), the comic is done! G'bye.

The new plan: I'm working on a new community space. It's my digital workspace. I'm going to build this world I've created brick-by-brick, one image, one story, one map at a time and share it in my workspace. It will be a private community, but everyone will be welcome to join in exploring this world with me. Woolmancy will premier as an ebook, physical book pending a publisher or funding.

Still working on the coding for the site (forever), but Blue Cat Trading Company (Blue Cat Co) will be an outpost that deals in the currency of stories. And there I will collect all the stories that have passed through.

I'll let you know when it's ready and what changes will be made to Patreon to accommodate the shift. Let's start doing things OUR WAY! :)

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