Sketch-book update.
So, the sketchbook has been a little slim at times. This is changing as we speak. I've decided to set aside at least half an hour every day to practice my basic draughtsman skills with a pencil. That means life-drawings, landscapes, master copies, studies of different objects or beings, anatomy, perspective and such. I'm doing this because my skills inking have far surpassed my basic skills, and in order to work faster and ink better I need to really get the fundamentals down. I've been looking at comic-book masters like John Buscema while he was drawing up to 4 of Marvels series monthly, often well over 100 pages a month. His pencils merely stickfigures and chicken scratches, yet anatomy and perspective and everything else is almost completely perfect. This gave the inkers, who were damned good draughtsmen themselves, a great basis to work on and add their own flavour to. I might not reach that level ever, but I need to get a certainty to my pencils that allows me to relax while inking, not constantly "saving" the drawing with my brush. So yeah... Half an hour per day. That means a whole shit-ton of sketches that no one else than my patrons will see. First new sketchbook coming up for Easter.
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