Sketch: Chief Marden's Refuge
 Crew Chief Anastis Marden is a veteran of the Iyari Imperial Navy and  the epitome of the "salty old sailor" archetype. His main claim to fame  is serving as crew chief aboard the LSA 3517, the ship that carried  Colonel Kendi's strike force during the Jarra Raid nearly 12 years ago.  He retired from the Navy 2 years later. He had planned to settle down on  a veterans' homestead on the Denas III agricultural colony, but the  death of his wife and both of his children in a tragic aerospace shuttle  accident, on their way to join him, left him distraught and unable to  make a home anyplace for long. He took to wandering, taking short term  jobs on one ship or another until an old friend asked him to help keep a  certain special young Merchant Marine Officer's Academy graduate away  from trouble. The young and rather ragtag crew of the IMV Freedom's  Promise soon became a second family to the old Chief, though it's often  hard to see just how much he worries about his inexperienced charges  behind his impressive gray mustache, steely blue eyes and almost  invariably disapproving expression. 

The IMV Freedom's Promise Summary Sheet: