Sketch a day #2 (Overwatch Genji)
Sketch #2 of my Sketch a day series! I have wanted to do a drawing of Genji for a while now so thought I would make him my sketch today! I used a bunch of different media to do this sketch from biro to an ink pen (which is my girlfriends that she got from a japanese shop. It's a really nice pen! shhhh) to then adding glows and a few tweaks on Photoshop. 

I love Overwatch! I am really not a fan of multiplayer I just can never get into them like some do. Something about Overwatch and the style of it has really got my attention and although I don't play it constant every day, it's a game I will definitely keep and love going back to now and a again as the game is always updating with new maps and characters that can sometimes make a change to the whole game with what those new character abilities may be. As you can probably guess my favourite character in the game in Genji and I do also love playing a Sombra. I wouldn't say I'm the best pro Genji in the world but I'm not terrible and the good thing about this game is you're not levelling up and unlocking better stuff, it's all about learning the characters weaknesses and strength and getting better and better learning new skills and techniques which I think is why I really like this game.

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