Sketch Diary - 9/10/17
So, I worked a show called CIL-Con over the weekend, which is a weird show.  It's like a Flea Market, Pop Culture Show, and Supernatural Thingie all rolled into one.  There's several people there that will read your fortune or tarot or give you spiritual advice or healing or whatever.  Anyway, as a lark, I decided to get my tarot read, cause it's been close to 20 years since the last time I've had a reading.  A friend led me to this fella named Red Crow (actual name) who was a Math teacher by day, and a Shaman by night.  Before the reading started we spent some time talking about Quantum Physics and the nature of the Universe and Spirituality.  It was neat, so I thought, why not?  Turned out I got some pretty good advice.

Also, apparently, I have a grey wolf following me around.