Sketch giveaway for Patreon patrons!
As a thank you for supporting Multiplex here at Patreon, I want to give away a sketch to one lucky patron. All patrons at any level, anywhere in the world, will be eligible, as long as their account is up to date (i.e. no declined payment); you just need to leave a comment on THIS POST to be "entered." (This is so those of you who would just, you know, stick it in a drawer don't have to feel obligated to let me send you my shitty drawings.) I'll select one commenter at random in early July (right after payments have been processed for the month) and contact them for their address and the (one, single, solitary) character they would like a sketch of. Extra consideration will not be given to commenters who say something nice about Multiplex, but such comments will be appreciated anyway. The image here is just something I doodled at a convention one time. I will draw your sketch better than this. (Hopefully.)