【Sketch】Halloween costumes for new illustration

Hi there! ヾ( o・ω・*)ノ

While working on Shin's sprite I've also started preparing the Halloween illustration! 🎃

First step was deciding the characters taking part in it and deciding their costumes!

The theme is "Halloween Cafe" and everyone gets a specific role ↓

You'll probably be served love potions by this waiter.

He uses them together with his charm to get new victims every night.

However, reports say that some customers purposely return to get bitten a second time... Σ( ´ ω ` *)! 

She tries to act mean but she just can't.

Her costume makes her feel tremendously shy. However, for some reasons, she's very determined to get better at wearing costumes.

He's very likely the mastermind behind this whole cafe thing.

He tends to mix customers' orders with unknown ingredients to study the collateral effects.

In this case too, reports say that some customers enjoy being served by the owner in person...! ( ;´ ω ` ‘;; *)

A little mouse wearing an elegant fur.

She looks like the perfect target for the vampire waiter, will she eventually fall for him...?

That's all for this log

Please keep in mind that these are just quick sketches I'm using for reference and nothing very accurate (* _ω_)

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting PBS!♡

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