Sketch Jam #9 is Here!
Sketch Jam #8 here on Patreon is ON! You request items for me to draw, and I will do pencil sketches of them. And this is open to EVERYONE, but I have some guidelines as to how it works.

For a set period of time, I will take requests on what you want to see me draw, and I will draw them! This month's Sketch Jam will run now until Sunday, October 23th, noon CST.

Who Can Join Sketch Jam and Request Items for You to Draw?

  • Everyone can! However, to participate your requests must be posted on Patreon as a comment on this post.
  • My pledging Patrons DO get priority. They are the ones supporting me after all. So, if I get a handful of requests, I will work on requests from Patrons first.
  • One request per person please.

What Will You Draw?

  • People, animals, fantasy characters and creatures, your D&D or OCs, furries/fursonas, and fan art characters
  • Since I will be posting what I draw here for all to see, requests must be PG13. I like doing strong sexy females and pin-up, but it will be the sexy, flirty, and clean kind.

Will You Draw Every Request Posted?

I can't guarantee that. I will try, but if there are a ton of requests, I will only do however many I can in the allotted Sketch Jam time. So, if I don't get to yours this month - there is always next month.

Do We Get to See the Sketches?

Absolutely. I will post everything I draw here on Patreon for everyone to see and enjoy as a 72 dpi JPEG or PNG (that you can right click and save to your heart's content). And, as an added bonus for my pledging Patrons, I will email them their sketch requests as a 300 dpi (that's print worthy) JPEG.

What if the Original Sketch is so Awesome I Want it in My Hot Little Hands?

Then you can buy the sketch! Pledging Patrons will get a discounted price, that will basically be shipping plus a couple of extra dollars to cover packaging and PayPal processing fees. Everyone else the cost will be $20 to $30 plus shipping. Then the sketch will be yours - for-ev-ah. 

So...Why a Sketch Jam?

Well, I LOVE sketching. And every artist needs to practice their craft, hone their skills, and push their limits. This is practicing for me, and you guys will be suggesting new and interesting characters and creatures for me to draw. Plus, it's another way for me to give back to my Patrons for supporting me. It's a win/win situation in my book.