Sketch Request: Silky Anteater for Delyth! :)
Thanks Delyth for another great suggestion! Here's a Silky Anteater enjoying his lunch on an old sign post. 

The writing's deliberately intelligable, I'm kinda toying with AfterMan being set in the Ukraine (Chernobyl is one of the best examples of what our world looks like after we leave) but I don't want to tie it down and atm, the language isn't important as animals wouldn't read it anyway. :3 

I'm running out of suggestions over on the suggestion thread, so feel free to add some/add some more! :)  

- I'm particularly interested in simple animal/species suggestions atm, so that I can fit them into this series of concept sketches. :) (although obviously you're still welcome to request whatever you'd like!) :) 

Love and light! 


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