Sketch Reward - January
And the next person was chosen o3o!
This time it was msntrcndy x3!!
I should change this Tier to ... a lineart Tier ... those things weren't really sketchy ahaha xD;;;

 - UnderSwap Sans with wings -  

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
The Supporter!
$1 or more per month
A big thank you from the deep, deepest and darkest parts of my void-filled heart!

This is purely a support patreon, there will be no rewards and everything will be posted freely everywhere :)!

Small perks are

- 30$ Sketch-reward threshold 

(overall livetime pledges who reach 30$, 60$ 90$ and so on after some time will receive a clean sketch!)

- Access to my discord to chat and chill!

- Your name in the credits! 

(as soon as i finally finish this big animation!)

Thank you for your support <3!

Includes Discord rewards
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