Sketchbook Update Info!
The monthly sketchbooks are changing a little bit.   Starting this year I'll be sharing one page from the sketchbook to all patron levels.  This month's is random, but next month it'll be of the topic people voted for.  No worries for those that pay for the sketchbook tier- I'll be adding an extra page each month so that you still get 10 pages (at least) of exclusive fun times. 

The poll for the next month's sketchbook theme is still going to be up for a few days.  If you haven't yet, please head over to the poll post and let me know which topics you want to see.  Or drop me a topic suggestion.  I'm working on getting more involved with you guys, so feel free to jump in :)

To make room in the cloud storage (and to prevent further thefts- yeah, messed up, but it's happened several times now) I've removed all but the last three sketchbooks from the cloud.  If you didn't save one and would still like it, send me a message and I'll send you it.

For those that are curious as to what is in the sketchbooks- it's typically half sketches of anything and everything (recently monsters for a new card game) and then un-watermarked, higher-res versions of my paintings and comics from that month.  Though starting this month, some of the sketches (and possibly paintings) will revolve around the themes you guys vote for.