Sketchbook Scan #2
Another sketchbook scan, just like old times. Like the last one, this has a lot of me figuring out Kay, but she's much closer to where she is now. A few of these could be slipped into the comic as-is relatively discreetly.  At this point I was pretty sure her features and shapes were close, and I was trying to get the hang of them plus test her out on some expressions. 

You can also tell that the drawings are just more... solid than the previous ones. The "Softies visual style" developed in such a way that I wanted to make objects feel very material and solid and shape-y, rather than wiggly and airy and line-y like the previous sketchbook scan (these are the high brow art terms I think in). You can especially tell that Kay's hair has changed from a mess of lines to a radial arrangement of a few half-circles.

Also she has Euclid's hands in the top right, because I was working on a test story where she has Euclid's hands. I might post those pages someday, they have a couple good jokes despite looking really strange.

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