So here we are with another entry! This time just sketches, which I wanted to get in under the wire before posting the first PDF. Mostly these are my sketches of various animals and fairytale subjects, as I ramp up to eventually producing a graphic novel about sword & sorcery and animal people.

Firstly: a pig!

I like his little tail. I could fake a pig from memory, but that tail isn't something I'd have come up with on my own. But now that I've seen and sketched a photo of it, it IS something I'd come up with "on my own."

Next: lions! I like the patient indulgence (resignation?) of the mother, and the way the light hit them from the left.

A giraffe. We think of giraffes as long and sleek, but one thing I admire about them is their bumps, such as near the shoulders and browline, here.

Another giraffe. Some of the lines I used here are quite pale. I like that sort of line in my sketchbook, but it's murder trying to draw that way for reproduction. The lines always drop out. I wish I could devise a way to prevent that...

Here's a drawing I did a couple of years ago with the sort of line quality I'd like to use more often in print. Very delicate; not sure how it would likely come out on paper, en masse. Something I'll have to ponder.

A deer. Or some kind of small African equivalent, I believe. I like the precision of line I get from an HB, but the black areas I spot with HBs (such as in this drawing) always come out grey.

A fairy, and another fairy.

A koala. All the other animals are probably jealous of koalas and their chilled out lives.

A queen.

Here's a face I began, and felt like I'd gotten all the info I needed about halfway through, and therefore abandoned. I don't keep fancy sketchbooks like some artists, with a lot of great-looking, completed drawings. Most of the pages in my sketchbooks are just full of incoherent scribbling. They are, for me, the equivalent of when singers sit around going "MEE MAW MO....UHHH...rrrrrrr..." The pics I share online are rare exceptions: sketches that actually look like things.


Hyena. The hero in my graphic novel has the head of a hyena, so I'll be drawing a lot of these.

You're never too old to brush up on hand sketches.

Bird. Always good to have a few birds up your sleeve to drop into a wide shot.

That queen from earlier. Great model.


A rhino. I used an extra soft lead for the shadows, but it warped the page, so now it won't scan "black." I could have fixed this with the burn tool in Photoshop, but the wrinkliness seems to compliment the subject matter.

A woman swinging an imaginary sword/axe/hammer! Again with some page warping, unfortunately.

And we're done!