Kicking off the new year with more old stuff, this time drawings and more visual work. I obviously have been through my share of phases and anime was one of them. I used to proudly declare myself an Otaku and seriously considered moving to Japan. While I still am very fond of Japanese history and culture the phase passed. I still watch it if it's good and, like stories of all kinds, find a lot of movies/manga very excellently done, but it's no better than any other medium to me now. I still learned a lot of my skills in drawing from it though which probably aren't much better than this piece, which is rife with my interests at that time, from the toe shoes on the floor (loved those things) to my creepy ninja who still features in my photos sometimes (see if you can spot his not-so-hidden upper face). And let's not get started on their dimensions, or hair colour, or lack of a nose... I still think she turned out OK. I loved to brag when I was younger that I didn't need no references, but might have used one for her. This was in the midst of art class, age 15.