#Sketchtember day 25: Dreamie for Michelle Wolfskulljack

Morning! Tried posting this last night be patreon seemed to be playing up... Let's hope it's fixed now! :)


Evenin' peeps!

This is a bit late as I've had a busy day with the in-laws, but it has colour so hopefully that counts for something?! ;)

Michelle's been encouraging me for a while to draw my own personal characters more... But most of them are so old & neglected that they don't "suit" me anymore...

However I've been feeling very guilty about neglecting my shape-shifter Dreamie for years now. She always used to be called "TheDreamWolf" and this was my handle online for years. However I realise now that the title means I feel obliged to force her into a vaguely wolf shape, which doesn't always suit her.... So now she's just Dream. -I think she'd be ok with this. ;)

If you'd like to help me be able to draw more of my personal characters then consider joining our team here at patreon for as little as $1 a month!

Thanks to my amazing team for their support! ^_^


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