Sketchurday Nailbat's Stuff
This week's sketchurday had to be on paper since thankfully at least my scanner still works.

One random Penelope. This one I just did because I want to get better at applying perspective to those snoots.

Nailbat's stuff include 2 views of his helmet, which as you can see has cutouts for his ears, and a very aggressive design to resemble a sort of demonic bird.  His bats are more home made looking, having harder angles, and a slight curve.  The back of the nail is also ground to a second point to make it work like a climbing pick.  You can see his vest is actually a kevlar plate carrier.  It stops bullets, but it won't feel good doing it.  The nail symbol is spray painted on and is intended to look a bit sloppy as if the paint ran.  Lastly he has the grapple gun.  Yes it is the same grapple gun that the previous Nailbat used in Final Journey, and that previously belonged to Malphas.  

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