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Skillfeed Tutorial 2015 - Free Video Course Creation for Instructors + Teachers - passive income
Skillfeed signup Use this Skillfeed tutorial from 2015 to see how you can make passive income as an instructor, coach, consultant, or teacher online with skillfeed at I use Skillfeed currently to earn $250 each month online totally hands free passive income by uploading video courses I create including YouTube videos. I make around $5/video course and I currently have 46 courses. You get paid on Skillfeed for minutes watched which means you want to work hard on keyword tagging and making a lot of courses out of the videos you have. I love Skillfeed because it is easy to use. See how you can use skillfeed today to start making money online by uploading your videos for people to watch! Sign up at or directly on Skillfeed at!/sign_up/201998/. This course is part of my Udemy instructor success course at The direct link is Subscribe to my channel now at
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