Skin Deep - Cover Vote
It's been a long time coming but I'm finally ready to reveal not 1 but 2 potential covers for Skin Deep! 

I'm a little torn. I kind of love Cover 1. I like the color combination and the grunge-inspired look, but I don't know if it's particularly original (especially with Clive Barker's The Scarlet Gospels coming out soon). 

Truth be told, I started working on the cover (way back in May) before I even started the story. Once I came up with the title, I went to work. I think it's the slash-style font that pushed me in this direction. 

But then there's Cover 2. There's something classic horror about a black cover with a bright crimson font, and I think this one is pretty striking - but is it enough? 

Do they each need something more to really grab readers? Would you pick this book up just from the cover alone? Which one do you prefer? 

What changes would you suggest to make them truly shine? 

Cast your vote in the survey below and be sure to share your feedback as to why you like (or don't like) either of the covers. 

As always, I appreciate your time and I hope you're enjoying your Backstage Pass! 

Until next time..... 



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