Skin of my teeth
  I'm right on the verge of the next release, and thought I'd show off the fruits of my labor. I finally have what I believe to be the same character in a different pose! It was just as challenging a task as I thought it would be, but it's finally here.

  All that's left is whatever expressions I'll need to add in for her now that she's dressed and ready for the day, then I can put everything together to encode the release.

   This release will mark the completion of 'chapter one' for this game, I think. It'll wrap up the morning portion and your choices will have set you on a route to follow for the rest of the game. I've actually got a somewhat clever idea to showoff for my $5 patrons after this weekend -- but you'll have to hold off to see what it is!

   I'll be handing out pins to advertise the game at Animethon this weekend, (and looking for a panda hoodie!) If you happen to see me around, I'd love to say hi! Hope to see you there!

   Just a little more 'till the release!