We've had many rashes and irritations over the years from eczema, and  rosacea  to red raw open skin. There are so many names and so many causes given to these rashes. One of the causes that we have tested is prolonged exposure to WiFi. Try experimenting by turning off and removing all WiFi devices from your bedroom, or working area. Move away from Smart Meters and Routers. Test it for a couple of  days at least or even better, a week.  

I've had a WiFi emitting Canon printer/scanner cause a breakout of red raw eczema on the tops of my healthy feet. It took six months trying different remedies to heal without drugs and wearing shoes was impossible. Early on, I followed some misguided advice to apply Betadine as an antiseptic, it was too strong and felt like it was burning a hole in my skin. Even Teatree oil which I usually use to spot control infections was too much. 

Zinc is a really good neutral solution for soothing irritated red raw skin that had open sores. Zinc became a protective germ free barrier, I would mix pure zinc with coconut oil into a thick paste and applied it as often as my skin felt irritated.  Adding coconut oil compensated for the drying effect of Zinc. Only use pure Zinc Oxide Powder, don't use commercially prepared products which often add perfumes and preservatives that further irritate rashes. The Zinc had neutralized my eczema, there was slow improvement but it wasn't a cure.

Then we discovered Lanolin which soothed my skin immediately! After a few days I had normal skin again. Every time I am subjected to WiFi my rashes flair up but the saturating properties of lanolin helps my resistance to exposure, which I keep limited (we don't own cell phones for example). 

Our Solution: Remove WiFi devices, avoid washing with Fluoridated water, use distilled water instead.  Apply pure Lanolin.

What is Lanolin? A protective substance from sheep to keep their wool healthy and waterproof.