Skitter Review by Tabulit!
I've never heard of Tabulet until I was looking at the Skitter web page stats and saw that there were quite a number of visitors coming from that address. Specifically, they were coming from THIS REVIEW.

It's a decent review.  I don't disagree with the 'con' that Skitter is kinda random.  Cuz it is. 

What was most interesting was that Skitter was the one they chose to start their list of 77 webcomic reviews with. I don't think it means Skitter was #1 in awesomeness... I don't think it was #77 either.  But I WAS surprised to have been included in their list.

What IS Tabulit, then?

As far as I can tell, they are trying to be like Webtoons, Tapastic, or Comic Fury.  Meaning they want to host webcomics on their site and possibly print them.  They are clearly reviewing strips as well.

Anyway, check out the review