Skulls and Bones Tutorial
Here's some thoughs about what I think when drawing skulls and bones. 

Most of the time I feel like I'm struggling with the low resolution, so it feels more like solving a puzzle than drawing, but I really like that. Here's some other tips that wouldn't fit in the page:

  • Nothing says "I'm dead" more then exposed ribs. Just use a stripe pattern in the chest of the character to make them
  • It's all about pattern recognition. The human mind wants to see faces everywhere, use that in your favor
  • Noise, unlike most of the cases, is not a big concern here. I usually want to make everything look dirty and eroded

As alway, thanks everyone for all the support and for sharing this.

PS. If you asked me something on comment or mention and I didn't answer you, I'm really sorry. I've been trying to answer everyone, but it's been hard. Thanks for your pacience!

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