'Sky Racer' 1st Phase Translation

■▲■ Hibari Revival ■▲■ 



Due to my 10k character project, I didn't have much time to spare researching Arslan to the point I could get a proper feel of its characters. Well, Daryun, to be precise. From what I've seen from his quotes, and his choice of words in this game, I feel like I would have to have a side-by-side comparison of the original Japanese works and their localisations to convey his character properly for fans of that series.

■▲■  Anna Costumme Poll Illustrations  ■▲■ 

There was a twitter poll during the conference, and the choices were: Nurse, Pajama, Military Uniform, and Animal Suit.

Anna: "Prince~♥

Anna: "Nnyu..."

Anna: "Fullpower Command~♥♥"

Anna: "Nya—"


Like I mentioned before, thanks to OmegaID, I now am being paid 5 JPY a character to translate around 10k of text for a game project (looks like a visual novel with dungeon maps and RPG combat thrown in). 

Apparently, the whole thing was written by a Japanese script writer that has done quite a few works for 20 years, but aside from the Seiyuu, who are also Japanese, all of the staff working on the game only know English (the person paying me is German), so I had to translate all of the Japanese script writer's setting files for the characters, event scenes, world, game flow, and so on after the maintenance this Thursday.

The work supposedly is going to have 3 parts to it, so if things turn out well for me, I'll be making a steady source of money off this project for quite some time. Possibly longer if the Japanese writer's story, and my translations, don't get negative reviews from the target audience.