Skyrim - ASCENSYON Ep98 Operation - Get Rid of the Quest Items!
 Join the Adventures of Raimyr, Inigo, Zora, Aurlyn and Boney as we Battle Evil and follow our empty our Inventory:  

In this Episode: 

- We don't get lost!

- We head to Autumnshade clearing and discover there is more to these Spriggans that meets the eyes!

- Of all the taverns in all the towns in all of Skyrim: We bump into a very old Friend!

- Aurlyn: Raimyr confides in Zora and Inigo 

- Raimyr helps out a Dibellan Priestess!

- What's up with Subtitles!

- We revisit the Ratway!

and Inigo smells Saucy!