Skyrim Giant's Toe Free Cross Stitch Pattern

I... feel like this one requires a bit of explanation. xD

So every once in a while I get questions about whether or not there will be more entries in some of my cross stitch pattern series.

Notably, the Skyrim Herbs (Nirnroot, Deathbell, Nightshade, Gleamblossom), the Harry Potter Potions (Amortentia, Felix Felicis, Veritaserum), and the Zelda herbs (Silent Princess, Deku Baba, Safflina)

And my answer is... no? maybe? I dunno? If inspiration strikes?

The Skyrim herbs are my most requested, so let's start there. I've done the main four unique-to-skyrim and pretty/recognizable at a glance plants. What do I have left? Snowberries? Not super recognizable if not in context. Generic [color] mountain flower? Same.   Tundra cotton?  Boring. And also kinda just looks like cotton. Not really game-specific.

So like a year ago I was brainstorming ideas on twitter and someone suggested doing other alchemy ingredients.  But again, many are generic and/or not recognizable as being from Elder Scrolls unless you're hanging it up next to others.

Many are just boring. Who wants to stitch a bowl of salt? or a generic egg?

Not to mention many are just/weird gross. Ectoplasm? Skeever tail? Giant's Toe?

So I ended up making this pattern as a joke. I only posted it on twitter and it's never been stitched. But I realize it's impossible to find on my twitter without digging through thousands of tweets. xD Sooo... I'ma slap it on here in case anyone wants it, and the next time someone asks if I'll be continuing the series I can link it to them easily. ;)

This eventually led to the Skyrim potion series (Restore Health, Restore Magicka, Restore Stamina) , letting me do more alchemy items while keeping it interesting. But I'm not even sure I'll continue that.

For the HP Potions: Most of the potions as described in the book are just clear. Like water. (including veritaserum) and welll.. meh.

Or are just... idk. Hiccoughing Potion? I guessss I could do Skelegro, with a fun label or something but... it wouldn't fit in with the current three. And frankly I have so many more interesting ideas I'm still behind on before I get around to that. 

I do eventually want to do a Zelda bomb flower. And maybe the Horse Grass/ Hawk Grass from Twilight princess.  But mainly I just design/stitch things as inspiration strikes. Maybe one day? Maybe not. Maybe I'll design something else entirely. We'll see!

I hope you understand <3
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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