Free Skyrim Werewolf Constellation Cross Stitch Pattern & SAL Announcement!

Okay, if you're a $5+ patron, you already know this was coming. I've been working on this pretty much all year between working on the StardewValley Cross Stitch Book and other personal projects. but it's finally time to announce the 2019 SAL!
To celebrate, I'm releasing the first of two free bonus patterns, the Werewolf constellation from the Dawngard DLC! The first to stitch this and send me a photo (who's not already a patron), will have the SAL emailed to them for free next year.
Edit: This has been stitched twice already now. Wow😱 I'll be doing another giveaway with the other bonus pattern, so keep an eye out!

I understand not all of you can afford to be a patron, and that's okay! I want you guys to have a chance to participate as well! <3

Here's how this will work;

  • Werewolf pattern for free today. The PDF also gives you all the dimensions you need to know to start thinking about layout and fabric choices for the SAL.

  • Vampire pattern for free early December. This will also come with the recommended thread colors for the full SAL (There's only 5 colors. 7 if you count the bonus patterns), so you can order materials with sales and Christmas monies. 

  • SAL will officially start in January and I will release a random constellation once a month here on Patreon for all supporters. Those joining later will get immediate access to all the previous constellations as well as all previous designs in their tier of choice

  • Once the SAL is over, in mid 2020 (wow!~) I'll release them individually on Etsy.

All the patterns are already designed, and I've stitched one already as a head start to test out colors and such. But otherwise I'll be stitching along with you all and posting on Twitter/Instagram using #SkyrimSAL ! I hope to see WIP and finished shots from all of you on this hashtag as well!
I'm excited to see how you guys add your own creative flair to this. Whether it be choosing fancy hand dyed fabric, changing out the DMC thread colors for weeks dye works or other over-dyed variegated thread, or simply stitching them up in a different order or as separate designs!

This is my first ever Stitch-a-Long, so I'll be figuring things out as we go. Please do let me know if you have any feedback/questions/concerns/etc!
As always, thank you for being so incredibly supportive, whether you're a paying patreon, or just a loyal follower. <3

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