SLARPG character reveal: Faith!
Let's kick things off on this Patreon with one of my favorite NPCs in the game: Jodie's girlfriend, Faith! She was designed by Anthony based on a description and some guidelines from me. To the left is Anthony's concept art featuring her in full armor (colored by me), and to the right are Faith's in-game mugshot and one of her sprites (both done by me). She's a unicorn, but I wanted to totally avoid the Friendship is Magic look, instead taking inspiration from The Last Unicorn and giving her more blatant horse features

Faith is probably the most talented magic user in Greenridge, which is why she's already got a job as Greenridge's democratically elected town Guardian at age 24. As the town's last line of defense, Faith knows a wide variety of defensive spells, and she commands the town's paladins. When she's not up to her eyeballs in work, Faith enjoys painting and hanging out with Jodie

Faith will be appearing in SLARPG's first trailer! However, the trailer has a lot to show off and is structured to focus on the party members, which means she needs a proper introduction like this outside of the trailer