Slasher 2 is rounding third
Hi Patters,

Dropping in with a news roundup for you. Above you see the first page of Slasher 2. This issue felt like a beast. I had some interruptions that resulted in a lot of stopping and starting. Nonetheless, I think the issue looks great. Really happy with some of the pages in here. I will get it to you asap. I will be locked in my room coloring on the computer for the next 4 days to get this done before I need to hop on a bus to get to East Coast Comic Con  this weekend. If you are in New Jersey, NYC come on out. I'll be tabling with the great Michel Fiffe.  

Next item! I have received my copies of Slasher #1 and expect to have the second Revenger collection (Which is now on sale from Bergen Street)  in my hands this afternoon. So that means I get to start shipping some books out to my loyal patrons. 

Item 3: Not a big deal but the Slasher 1 release has been pushed back a few weeks. The printer shipped the book to Diamond too late to make it to shops this week. But I will still be in store at Comics N More in Easthampton, MA on Wednesday  night with copies of the book.

And lastly, TEOTFW is officially entering TV land . Today they cranked up the cameras and started production on an 8 part series. This is crazy. But it's happening. And they kindly may be flying me out to London soon to see some of the shoot. I plan on making some photo posts for you guys only during that trip. It's gonna be real fun.

Okay. I think that's all for now. 

Keep Punching,


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