A Slave to Love: An Oral Story
"Strip, slave."

"Slave, master? I thought I was your pet."

"You are my pet, slave. But you are also my slave when I want you to be. You are whatever I want you to be. Today I want you to be my slave."

"Yes, master."

"Good girl. Yes, take it all off. I want to look at you. Turn around for me. Yes, so beautiful."

"Thank you, master."

"Here, put these handcuffs on."

"Yes, master."

"No, not like that. Behind your back."

"Yes, master."

"Good girl. Now get on your knees, slave."

"Yes, master."

"Now crawl this way."


"On your knees, of course. I've had you shackle your hands, not your legs too.

"Yes master."

"Good. Yes. Come closer, slave. I want that pretty little face of yours right in front of my crotch. You're going to make your master happy tonight."

"I like making you happy, master."

"I know, slave. But hush now, no more talking. You do far too much talking I think. I know it is in a woman's nature to talk and talk. I know it is how you women think—you let yourselves say things out loud to see how they sound. But you have me now to tell you what to do and think."

"That's a bit sexist, don't you think, master?"

"Fair enough, slave. But get that mouth on my cock before I smack you."

"Yef, maf-per."

"Good girl. Mmm, yes, that's it. Do you like it when I run my hands across your face and through your hair gently like this?"

"Yef, maf—"

"Hush, slave. Don't try to talk. You just sound stupid when you talk. Use your cocksucking skills to communicate your agreement. Use your tongue to—oh, my god, slave, yes, that's it. That's so good. Mmm…okay…now, where was I?"

"Being fecfift."

"Oh yes, thank you. Being sexist. And shut-up. What did I just say about trying to talk?"


"Yes, don't, so…ugh…anyway. Fair enough yes, I'm a big sexist. But I'm a big sexist who's bigger than you and has you in handcuffs, so watch your mouth. Or no, let me watch your mouth…mmm…oh god…such a pretty mouth. Feels so good. Yes, anyway. At least I'm sexist against both sexes. Look, women think with their mouths and men think with their dicks. That's my point. I think with my dick. All men do it, and it makes us very stupid sometimes. But how can we not? I mean look at that thing! Look at the size of it! No, no, slave, not literally. Keep your mouth on it. There's a good girl. Mmm…anyway…If you had a dick like this, what would you be thinking about all day?"

"I'd probably be wondering how'd that get there? What is this thing, anyway? Looks like a mushroom on top of a rocket."

"Very funny. Keep sucking, slave."

"Yes, master."

"Anyway, the point is…this is the ultimate form of communication between a man and a woman. You express yourself with your mouth on my cock, and I express myself by having a massive erection in your presence."

"And what a presence you have, sir."

"Shut-up you shameless sycophant. Keep sucking. That's all I want from you."

"Mmm…yef, fer, mmm…bup…what about what I want?"

"You're my slave. So you want to do what I want you to do."

"But master…I may not have a magnificent cock like yours, but I do have a pussy that needs love."

"I know that, slave. And your pussy will get love. When it suits me."

"But you always say that, master. But you haven't played with pussy in the longest time."

"And how does that make you feel, slave?"

"Horny, master!"

"Exactly. And see the way you're instinctively wagging your cute little butt and pussy around just thinking about having my cock inside you?"

"Ooo…yes, master…"

"That's why it's important for you be denied today. Think about how much better it will feel tomorrow."

"But master! I'm dripping wet right now. Look!"

"I know. I can see that, slave. I'm going to make you clean that up after too. After you're finished pleasuring my cock, of course."

"But please master…can't I come today? I've been so good. I promise I'll always make you come when you want. I just need one every now and again.

"And you'll get one. But you're not ready yet. You had one just last week."

"No I didn't. That was two weeks ago!"

"Don't argue with me, slave. You get your master's cock in your mouth right now, or there'll be no orgasms at all for a month!"

"Yes, master."

"Mmm…yes…good girl…now listen. I know you're horny, but there's a particular look I need to see in your eyes first. You see I know you don't much care for my sexist theories, but I don't much care for any of your lip—save for the lips around my cock. Those are the only lips I want to feel today. Well, hmmm…okay. Perhaps there is another set of lips I'd like to feel. The one's dripping juice onto the floor.

"Mmm, yef, pweave, mafper…"

"Look into my eyes while you suck me, slave. Good girl. Now I want to see…do you truly understand what it means to be my slave?"


"I don't think that you do. You see you're still thinking about that pussy below as something you want to have attention. I want you to think of that pussy down there as something that is mine. Do you understand what I'm saying, slave?"

"Yef, maf—"

"Stop talking and keep sucking. God, it's like you're not listening at all. That pussy, and this mouth. These aren't extensions of you. They are extensions of me. So when I say put your mouth on my cock and suck it, whose mouth is it?"

"Yours, sir."

"Mine, yes. Well, don't stop! Get back on there!"

"Yef, mafper."

"Mmm…okay…now…when I say your pussy doesn't get any action today. Whose pussy is it that I'm denying."

"Yourv, fir."

"Mine. Exactly. You don't think that when you don't get to come that I don't feel it as acutely as you do? I know my pussy needs attention. I can see it dripping there on the floor."

"So then why would you do that to yourself?"


"Why would you deny your pussy, master? Can't you see how eager it is to get off?"

"Of course I can, slave."

"Can't you see how good your pussy will feel if you let it ride your cock just a little?"

"Hmm…that would feel pretty good…"

"Don't you think it would be nice to rub them together just long enough for them to come together?"

"I would like that, slave. But I'm also enjoying this mouth of yours that you seem to think is for talking."

"Maybe this mouth is for kissing, master. You could feel your cock and your pussy together while you feel your two sets of lips kissing."

"Hmm…you're being a real smart mouth today, slave."

"My mouth is the organ I think with after all."

"I should smack you for your insolent back-talk."

"Wouldn't that just be smacking yourself?"

"Hmm…I suppose it would. All right, that's enough, smart-mouth. Get up here."

"Yes, master."

"I want to feel that wet pussy slide down on my cock."

"Yes, master"

"Ease onto it.

"Like this, master?"

"Mmm, yes, that's it? How do my hands feel guiding you like this?"

"Good, master."

"Mmm, your smart mouth was right. I do like you like this. Especially with your naked nipples right here where I can squeeze and pinch them."


"Shh…you love it."

"I do, master."

"Put those pretty little lips on mine. Mmm…"

"Mmm…ooo…mmm…this feels so good, master."

"It does, doesn't it?"

"Thank you…thank you…"

"Don't thank me yet, slave. I didn't say you were allowed to come yet."

"I don't want to come yet, master."

"You don't?"

"No. Because you want your cock and pussy to come together, right?"

"That's right, but…hey, wait a minute! That was your idea! Just who's in charge here, anyway."

"Can we both be? Just a little? I mean, I know I'm your slave, and I know I'm handcuffed, but…you said I think with my mouth, so while we're both up here, mouth-to-mouth, I have kind of an advantage, don't I?"

"Hmm…You certainly know how to twist my words with that smart mouth of yours."

"But your cock is still in charge down below."

"Mmm…yes…you bet it is, you hot little minx."

"My pussy is nothing but an extension of your cock. We're totally in tune, you know, master? Your cock and my pussy. My pussy knows she's not allowed to come until she feels you squirt up inside her. She knows that's the signal. Wha…why are you smiling like that, master?"

"Because you and your smart mouth…and your tight wet little pussy are going to make me come."

"Oh…god…I love making you come, master!"

"And I want you to come with me, slave. I'm going to…oh god…"

"Oh, master, I can feel your cum shooting up into me and…oh….oh…oh god….oh master thank you. Master it feels so…fucking…good!"

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, you sexy little bitch?"

"I love it. I love making you come. It's what I live for."

I know, slave. It's what I keep you around for."


"Relax, slave. You know I'm mostly kidding."

"I know, master."

"Mostly. Anyway…are you satisfied, slave?"

"Yes, master. So satisfied!"

"Good, I'm glad. Now clean up that mess you left on the floor."

"You were…you were serious about that?"

"What do you think, slave?"


"Smart girl."

"But…I'm still in handcuffs."

"I know."

"But…how? What do I clean it up with?"

"Why don't you use that smart mouth of yours?"

"You can't be serious."

"I'm always serious, slave. Except when I'm not. Which I guess is a lot, but…shut-up! And clean up that mess, slave!"


"Clean it up, and tomorrow we'll try fucking again like we did today."

"Mmm…okay! I mean…yes master!"