Slay The Outdoors!
Hello, metal friends. Today I took to the woods, searching for  an overlook that I know exists but it evades me. I walked down one trail, and it seriously had some creepy Lord of the Rings vibes. And - I kid you not - I found the staff that I'm holding in the picture above just standing next to the creek. Like, it was stuck in the ground, waiting for someone to take it, and so I did. I'll let you know in a week if I unleashed a curse of some sort.


Monday (and question #2000!!!): ‘Bring Me to Life’ was a song by this band that appeared on the 'Daredevil' soundtrack in 2003.

Tuesday: The term “Thall” is associated with what Swedish metal band? (Inspired by this 'If 'Djent' Was Added To The Oxford Dictionary' video)

Wednesday: FIRST / LAST SONG: 'Outbreak of Evil’ and 'Burst Command ’til War'

Thursday: Stephen Brodsky and Kurt Ballou teamed up on 'Guitar Method,’ the lone full length by what band?

Friday: MOMENT OF METAL #197, inspired by a recent cover that some people lost their shit over.


I'm a sucker for Meshuggah. Have been since around 1998 when a friend got me listening to Chaosphere. The new song 'Born In Dissonance' from their upcoming 'The Violent Sleep of Reason' is great. Can't wait for the whole album.

From the Bandcamp world; gave Twilight Fauna's 'Fire of the Spirit' a few listens this week, and catching up on the death/grind aura of Ohio's Domestic Terror's 'High On Violence' (hat tip to Colin from Maranatha for that one). For some proper noise / sludge / rock, check out Civil Elegies from the UK, and their new album 'Combat.'

I also finished up 'Stranger Things' on Netflix and good lord, what an awesome show. Eleven is awesome and everyone is amazing and I have all the feelings from watching it. Please email me ([email protected]) so we can gush over it.

Have a great week everyone! Onward to September!!!

- Seth

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