Sleep & EDs | Breaks in Therapy | Recovery from BPD | Never satisfied w/myself!
  1. I would be really interested to hear about the relationship between eating disorders and sleep. I have struggled with an eating disorder in a variety of ways (restrictive eating, followed by compulsive exercise paired with binge eating, currently a weird combination of all 3). I also sleep a LOT -- 10 or more hours per night. I'm just curious about how all the different eating disorders can affect sleep in detail.
  2. I was wondering - 1. How does one deal with therapy breaks and anticipatory fears of rejection; and from the therapist side too, what do they think with all our abandonment fears?! 2. And in the same train of questioning, how do we settle back into therapy after breaks?
  3. Hey Kati, How possible would it be to be able to recover from BPD without a DBT group or even just a mental health professional willing to do DBT on a one to one basis? I am still trying to get into a DBT group but it really hard and a very long wait. 
  4. Hi, Kati! I am the type of person who expect too much from myself. I'm never satisfied with what I do or accomplish, because I always think I can do better. How can I stop this behavior?