Sleepless nights
This morning I woke up at 6:25AM. I rushed Artemis(the puppy) outside for her morning bathroom break. Then I made my partner coffee and toast. Then I contemplated(and longed) to crawl back in bed and sleep for as long as I needed to. Alas. The Artemis was full of her usual morning energy and Nixi(my dog) was asking for breakfast. The foster cat was meowing upstairs and I knew it was a lost battle.

I made myself coffee after feeding the dogs. I checked all the plants to see who needed water. I forgot to drink my coffee and heated it back up. I took the laundry out of the dryer. All before putting pants on. This is my life right now and I love it. It's been easier for me to manage the loss of sleep that comes with a puppy this time around. I'm trying to savor every moment because I know it's only 10% or less of her life that she will be this insane ruffian.

But sometimes I realize I needed to chill out-do some self care so I decided I would take a morning bath.

As I ran the water for the bath Artemis began to settle down for a nap. The cat was still meowing but she could wait. I looked in the bathroom mirror. I saw the shadow of the lace reflecting on my skin as it often does in the mornings and I grabbed my camera.

I've lived in this house for two months now. I've had the curtains for a little less than that but for whatever reason the time just hasn't been right.

Today. It was. I got some really pretty photos and I CANNOT wait to share them with you all. This one is just a taste.

And...I'm saving the colored photos just for you all. They won't be published anywhere else :)

Happy Tuesday!!