Sleepy Kirby Free Cross Stitch Pattern

I've actually had this sleepy Kirby sitting in my pattern folder for ages! There's quite a few sprite based patterns in there which I haven't put out yet because I prefer bringing you original designs when I can.

But it's been a while since I did a freebie, and I have nothing else prepared, so here we are. Whoops.

I hope you guys like Animal Crossing though, because I have 6+ designs in the works that need to be tested and formatted into pdfs and all that before the game comes out and you lose me to that obsession for at least a month. Ha!

I am curious though. Those of you who have played Animal Crossing; what's your go-to activity?  Fishing? Catching bugs? Digging up Fossils? Flower breeding? Decorating your home? Making clothing designs? Earning bells? Shaking trees? Befriending your villagers?

There's so much to do I can't even list all the different things you could focus on in-game. :o
But what kind of players are YOU? 

No reason. Just... asking. Yep.

I like focusing on filling up the museum, personally. 

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