You ever have that special day?
You go to bed extra early just because?
And then wake up the next morning,
Before the sun has even risen?
In the middle of some amazing dream!
But you can’t remember,
It’s slipped through your fingers!
You start to punish yourself!
You twist and turn!  
You throw the blankets over your head,
In hopes you can get back to wonderland!
And sometime between whining and complaining with yourself,
You wake up started!  
“Aren’t ever going to wake up! Breakfast’s ready.”
Mom had just barged into your room.
The vacuum created from your freezing closed-off room
Is broken by the warmth of the rest of the house...  

You check your phone and it’s almost noon…  
And again you were taken from that perfect dream;  
A dream that’s but a forgotten memory now…