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one more batch!

little slime girls for your enjoyment!

the basics ...

- these are chibi previews, yay

- full body pictures will be completed according to the order on the commission sheet --> 

- the transaction is clean hands, no fuss no muss, feel free to ask if you have further questions

 - PRICE THIS TIME IS $50 - all reward drawings will be shaded 

release schedule

- Patrons get first dibs (ends 5/11)

- Non-patrons can place SECOND dibs via notes (ends 5/11, abusing this will result in adoptables permaban)

- for the first week, everyone can only adopt 1 (ends 5/17)

- after that, get as many as you want

And here's the introductions

- Maple the classy pinesol slime

- Bubbles the bouncy bubblegum slime

- Cookie the sweet cookiedough slime

- Sangrita the temptress blood slime

- Aida the confident sports drink slime

- Jello the pouty mold slime

let me know if you're interested