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Slow Food, Social Obesity, and Why Nobody Wins a Parenting Race with Carl Honore
Howdy friends!

So I'm two weeks into this new thing and I think I have the major bugs worked out. If you're not getting notifications that there's a new episode through iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, or wherever you subscribe to Smart and Simple Matters, please re-subscribe (lame, but periodically necessary).

Today, I have a dandy of an episode for you featuring my go-to slow guy, Carl Honore. It's appropriately titled Slow Food, Social Obesity, and Why Nobody Wins a Parenting Race.

And now that my website and podcasting flow is "business as usual," I'm switching some of my energy back to SimpleREV stuff. For example, my SimpleREV teammate, Sarah Wehkamp, and I have a lot of emails to write as part of our communications plan for the SimpleREV 2016 event. I also want to stir the pot on a bunch of SimpleREV Local project items that have been simmering on low for far too long.

The overall 2016 plan is a little less certain, though. I know I'll keep bringing people together through SimpleREV, Live Your Legend Local (I host monthly gatherings in the Twin Cities), and through organizing a block party for my neighborhood.

I know I'll make ritual reflection a bigger part of my life through more meditation and more meals/breaks with no external stimuli (that sounds clinical, but it's the way I look at it).

I know my relationship with food needs to change and that's why I'll be biting off a Whole30 soon. In-between all that, there's plenty of family man time, plenty of small (or large) personal and work-oriented experiments, and hopefully lots of sleep.

What's on your radar for the upcoming month or year? I'd love to know!

Your pal,