Slow Start to the Month
We had quite a bit of illness here in the Sadler-Sciacca household over January, and going into February - the usual stuff, flus, colds, sinus nonsense, and the like!  

I'm back on track, and hoping to start shooting the new material for the month this weekend.  I've also got our monthly online Q&A sessions scheduled, so I wanted to post those here so people could plan if they want to attend them.  They're both this week:

Wednesday, Feb 15, 5-6 PM Central Time - we have the public Q&A session.

Saturday, Feb 18, 2-3 PM Central Time - we have the patreon-exclusive Q&A session.

We've switched this year to holding them via FreeConferenceCall - you can access the place ahead of time (instead of waiting for me to post a link, as was the issue with Google Hangouts in the past) -