You know what happens if you write around 200 words (on average) a day?

Well, you still get a book in the end. But all the deadlines you set assuming you'd be writing 10k words a week, well, they go flying out the window.

December is always kind of hard for me. This month it's been harder. Nothing tragic, nothing awful, but I've become more fragile emotionally over the years and it's starting to show.

I feel better when I write at least a little bit every day I can. I like myself more, I trust myself more and I get to spend time doing something I love. So... 200 words. On average. Every day. (Which means some days I get 400 words and some days I get 0.)

I actually wrote Matchbox Girls the same way. So I know it can be done! But I'm sad it's not happening at the speed I'd been hoping for. This entire year has been a mostly-failed experiment, writing-wise. But it hasn't been all bad. I feel good about the Patreon, and some other decisions I've made. I feel like one day I could earn a real income at this... if only I can manage to keep finishing books.

Anyhow, this is me taking a break from Moonborn, upon which I've committed 389 words today. I finished a chapter. Which means I have to start another chapter and my goodness, that's always hard, especially when I'm switching between characters on different plot threads. But I should get to it. The first paragraph is always the hardest.