Slowly coming out from the month of uber work
Last month's project is wrapping up. Just waiting on last minute corrections that come in here and there.

Since I really need to give my hand a break (5 weeks, 50+ inked drawings), and it being winter (which means my sewing urge is in high gear), I'm going to take a bit off and sew up a dress before diving head first back into the animation project, or taking more commissions. I want something fun and geeky, and since I can't find any other girls geek-wear that fits me, I'm gonna make my own.

In this case, a vintage McCall's pattern from the 60's, with a Pikachu pattern (see pic). It's going to be total Mrs. Cleaver as a Pokémon trainer time. Wonder if I should get a string of pokéballs for a pearl necklace to go with this. lol!

Will update as sewing progresses.