A small change for jewelry subscriptions
I am going to be mailing out jewelry after payment has cleared for each two-month period. Even though you are all wonderful, and mailing the jewelry out as soon as it's all finished has been working just fine so far, I have to switch this to the correct procedure. Payments are processed the first day of every month, but that payment is for the prior month. (For instance, on March 1, you will be billed for February's subscription.) SO -

What does this mean for all of my jewelry subscription Patreons? Just that you'll be getting your jewelry the first week of the following month. By which I mean Jan/Feb will ship out the first week of March (though they are ready to go right now); March/Apr will ship out the first week of May; and so on. Essentially, nothing changes. You're still getting jewelry every two months. It's just going to consistently go out the first week of the "third" month.

By the way - if you ever need to cancel your subscription before the second month (or whenever), I will refund you if you've been billed for jewelry you won't be getting.