Small course modification and happy holidays
I've run into a problem with the plot of Shards where the middle isn't meeting up with the end of the first book properly. It's currently sort of like one of those puzzle pieces that looks like it's right, but doesn't quite fit and though you could force it then other pieces wouldn't fit right to that one.

I'm turning this roadblock into a solution. I've wanted for a while to have more to show you all and have also read writing advice that says it's good to start by publishing a short story instead of a novel to learn the process. A terrible launch can apparently wreck even a great novel's chance of success.

Convieniently, I already have an idea that I already wrote most of in script form. It's short so it shouldn't take long to write, I can get more feedback on my writing before launching my big novel, it gives me time to figure out how to fix that part of Shards and you all get content sooner.

Aside from that, I hope you're all having the happiest holidays you can have. Treasure your loved ones and enjoy every minute for all that you can. :)