Radcliff the Nosey Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a young rabbit named Radcliff. Radcliff was a very curious little rabbit and poked his nose into everything. While his mother was cooking dinner, he would peak into each pot to see what was cooking.

"Radcliff, keep your nose out of the pots. You might get burned." said his mother.

While his father was reading his paper, Radcliff would poke his nose into the paper to see what his father was reading.

"Radcliff, keep your nose out of my paper. I can't read it with you there." said his father.

While his older brother was playing with his toys, Radcliff would go into his closet to see what he could find.

"Radcliff, keep your nose out of my closets. That's my stuff." yelled his brother, as he chased him out of his room.

Upon hearing all the fuss in the boy's room, Mother called for Radcliff.

"Radcliff, dear, why don't you go outside and play." she said.

"O.K. mom." said Radcliff.

"Radcliff, do remember to keep your nose out of trouble." reminded mother.

Radcliff put on his hat and coat and went outside. Radcliff looked up. It was a wonderful day. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Radcliff smelled the air. It was light and full of honeysuckle. Radcliff followed his nose to a honeysuckle bush. Radcliff heard Quail, so he poked his nose inside the bush. Inside the bush was in Quail's nest. Inside the nest he saw six baby Quail.

"Hello." said Radcliff.

The baby Quail just chirped. Mother Quail chased Radcliff away.

"If you would be so kind as to keep your nose out of my nest, young man." said Mother Quail.

"Yes, ma'am." said Radcliff.

"Thank you." she said, and returned to her nest.

Radcliff continued to explore. He saw birds in the sky, ducks in a pond and squirrels in the trees. Radcliff saw a badger dragging dinner back to his borrow. Radcliff followed the badger. He followed the badger right into his borrow. The badger chased Radcliff away.

"Keep your nose out of my borrow." shouted the badger.

"Gee Whiz, you're as cranky as my big brother." said Radcliff, from a safe distance.

Radcliff then heard buzzing. He followed his ears. There on the ground was a bee's nest that had fallen out of a tree. Radcliff went over to see it. Radcliff poked his nose right into the bee's nest, and the bees poked back.

"Keep your nose out of our honey." said the bees, as they chased Radcliff away.

Radcliff ran as fast as he could go. Radcliff ran all the way home. Radcliff ran through the front door and into the kitchen to his mother. Radcliff gasped for air as he told his mother about the Quail, the badger, and the bees.

"Why were they all so mean to me?" asked Radcliff.

"People like their privacy. Besides little boys have no need to stick their noses where they do not belong." said his mother.

Radcliff thought a moment.

"Then what is the difference between curiosity and being nosey?" asked Radcliff.

"To be curious is to wonder about how things work. To be nosey it to wonder about what other people are doing." explained his mother.

"Oh." said Radcliff.

Radcliff sat in a chair as his mother applied ice to his nose for the bee stings.

From then on, Radcliff was still curious. But he was never nosey.

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